Our Water

Our water comes from a natural spring that has filtered through quartzite rock layers, resulting in clean and pure water with no additional additives. 

Keeping your health top of mind

Natural occurring electrolytes and minerals are gathered through the natural filtration process.

With Snow Water you are only getting what your body deserves.

Water Attributes

Natural Spring Source

Hydration from our natural spring source, organic and a zero-calorie beverage. Filtered through multiple quartzite rock.

Natural Minerals

Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are part of the natural composition of our water.

A balanced pH

At 6.5 pH Snow provides a balanced natural drinking water.

Enjoy the good life

Looking Forward

We envision our brand becoming Africa’s most popular on-the-go bottled water brand. Keeping you refreshed and healthy with cool, crisp and safe quality drinking water.

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